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Welcome to The Motor Oil Guy is an independent AMSOIL dealer serving Nashville, Hendersonville, Gallatin, White House and all of Tennessee. Let me help you with your oil, lubrication and filter needs. I can also show you how you can save money, and even make money with AMSOIL products.

8 Reasons You Need AMSOIL

  1. AMSOIL improves fuel economy so that vehicles get better mileage out of every tank of gas.
  2. AMSOIL offers superior wear protection so that engines last longer.
  3. AMSOIL has been proven to provide more horsepower.
  4. By reducing friction, AMSOIL helps engines run cooler.
  5. By reducing deposits, engines run cleaner and perform more efficiently with AMSOIL.
  6. Due to lower volatility, AMSOIL reduces oil consumption.
  7. Due to its very low temperature pour point, AMSOIL makes winter starts much easier.
  8. Because AMSOIL resists oxidation and breakdown, it reduces varnish and sludge which keeps valves and rings from sticking.
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